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What is a 'Prepaid Funeral'?

Funerals can be unexpected, and costly. At Prestige we want to unburden you from the stress and worry associated with all aspects related to funeral costs and choices, such as burial or cremation. So loved ones and yourself are better financially prepared, and more able to deal with the death and grieving process. This is, of course, not to be confused with budget funerals where you are compromising on what you want.

Why Pre Pay for Your Funeral?

Believe it or not, funerals are increasing in price. This is down to the professional fees involved in dealing with a funeral; including crematoria, doctors, etc. Prepaying allows to spread the cost over time and ensure you only pay the amount listed at today's prices.

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The Truth About The Funeral Plan Market


  • ​In 2 decades the average funeral could cost up to £7,000!
  • In the last ten years, basic funeral costs have increased by a staggering 88%****
  • Families are already cutting costs when it comes to funeral bills, currently individual funeral debt is around £1,318, which accounts for £98.9m nationally.*****

Estimated Funeral Costs By 2031 - £11,196!

2005 - £1,965
2015 - £3,693
2025 - £6,940
2031 - £??,???

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Five Reasons to Make a Prepayment Funeral Enquiry Right Away:

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  1. Freeze the cost of your funeral at today's prices.
  2. Take control of funeral arrangements for your own service
  3. No medical or health related questions
  4. No obligation - You DO NOT have to accept any offers made
  5. Acceptance is Guaranteed.

Are there any alternatives to pre pay funeral plans?

Traditional Savings

It may be possible to save for a funeral, and use the lump sum, or, if an ISA can be utilised for this purpose it may also be worth it. Saving a set amount every month could then be used by family members to pay for the funeral.

Downside: With a cash ISA, you won't be able to get the money out until your executors have probate.​

Life Insurance may be an option?

If you are under 50 years old, life insurance cover may be a better option. Click below to read the benefits available to you:

Home Burial

Although not traditional, home burials can be an option, if your home meets certain criteria, including informing your local police, local authority and environmental health authority.

Downside: Don't forget that it will probably impact property resale value and desirability also. 

It was such a relief. Knowing that my family wouldn’t have the burden of paying my funeral expenses, I didn’t want them, or myself to be stressed at a time when I wanted to feel reassured.

Ruth Wheatley

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* Weekly representation of the Standard Plan paid monthly, prices are a representative based on a 50 year old, paying by low cost Installments with a £99 deposit for a period of 20 years.

** Source: International Longevity Centre "The Funeral Time Bomb" report published 20th April 2015.

*** Source: BBC News article titled "Funeral time bomb" dated 17th April 2015.

**** Source: Mintel 2014.

***** Source RoyalLondon